We can imagine that before your visit to Waer Waters Resort you might want more information.
In the menu Info you will find all the General information about our resort. Under the heading we have FAQ the most frequently asked questions of our guests.
Is the information you are looking for not listed? Please feel free to contact us by e-mail info@waerwaters.com.


1. Club
2. Wellness
3. Beauty
4. Fitness
5. Gastronomie

1. Club

When is Waer Waters Resort open?

Waer Waters Wellness & Spa is open, 7 days a week incl. holidays, from 11AM till 11PM.
Waer Waters Sports Club is open, 7 days a week incl. holidays, from 8AM till 11PM.
Brasserie Rodenberg is open, 7 days a week incl. holidays, from 10:30AM till 22PM(kitchen opens at 12:00AM and closes at 9:30PM).

Exceptional periods of closure and holidays. View here:

24/12/2018: CLOSED
25/12/2018: CLOSED
31/12/2018: CLOSED
01/01/2019: CLOSED

Where is Waer Waters Resort located?
The address is : Rodenberg 21, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden

How can we pay at Waer Waters Resort?

You can pay your bill in cash, Bancontact, maestro, visa, mastercard and Sodexho Ticket Restaurant.
American Express, culture and sportcheques are not accepted.

How can I reach Waer Waters Resort?

For questions about wellness and treatments: info@waerwaters.com 
For questions about membership: sales@waerwaters.com 
For questions about sport: fitness@waerwaters.com

Are kids allowed at Waer Waters Resort?

Everyone as from 16 years is welcome in Waer Waters. Children between 16 and 18 years, should be accompanied everywhere by an adult. Children under 16 years cannot acces the fitness or the wellness.

Separate accounts are possible?

Until 3 persons, the bill can be split. If you are 3 people or more,  we kindly ask you to have 1 account paid by 1 person. This in order to avoid long queues.


2. Wellness

When is the wellness area in Waer Waters Resort open?

Waer Water Wellness & Spa is open every day, 7 days a week including public holidays. From monday to thursday from 11 am to 11 pm and from friday to sunday from 10 am to 11pm. Check our special holidays here.

How much costs a visit to Waer Waters Wellness?

View our rates here.

Do I have to make a reservation for the wellness?

You can make your reservation on our site

How and when can there be cancelled?

A reservation for a wellnessvisit can always be cancelled free of charge. This can be done by mail via info@waerwaters.com. We would appreciate it if you could notify us.

What can we all do in the wellness area of Waer Waters Resort?

Leisure in Waer Waters is impressive: indoors or outdoors, hot or cold, with or without swimming costumes. The thermal baths consist of 2 clearly defined zones so that visitors can experience both dressed as naked guests wellness in the way that suits them best.

Please note: the dressed area and the nude area are not identical and each feature. So if you would like to discover the whole wellness, be sure to always bring swimming suit.

An overview of our facilities can be consulted on the website category Wellness.
Here you can also find an overview of our experience program. We offer more than 16 experiences per day.

Do you organise Aufguss sessions and when?

We organize aufguss sessions as from 2PM to 9PM every day. (subject to change.)
The experience program (in both dressed and undressed zone) are organised and the consist of Aufguss sessions in the sauna, scrub sessions in the hammam or meditation sessions.

Should I make a reservation to be part of an experience session?

Our experience program is open to our wellnessvisitors. There is no need to make a reservation, you should just be there on time. Once a session is busy, you cannot disturb the Aufgussmaster or the guests.

Is there any additional cost connected when I'm attending an experience program?

Our experiences are free of charge and freely accessible for our wellnessvisitors.

Is swimwear required in the wellness area?

Wearing swimming suits is mandatory in the dressed zone of the wellness. For men, a short, 'tight' swim short is required. 'Loose' swimming shorts are not allowed. Ladies bikini or swimsuit without closed neckline, sleeves and/or pipes. Strings and monokini are not allowed. If you are not in possession of the allowed swimming suit, you can contact us to purchase.

Purchase swimming clothing: for men from € 12

Are swimming shorts accepted?

Loose swimming shorts are not allowed. For men we only accept tight shorts for hygienical reasons.
If you are in loose shorts in the wellness, we will kindly ask you to use only the undressed zone or buy a correct short at the reception desk.

Is bathlinen mandatory in the wellness area?

The wellness enter with shoes, boots or other footwear is prohibited. The use of non-slip bathslippers everywhere in the wellness and garden is required. You should enter saunas and baths barefoot.
Always wear a bathrobe during your stay in the spa and garden aswell as in the lounge and rest areas.
Please leave your bathtowels at the swimming pool and not in the lounge.
Bathrobes and towels are for rent at the wellnessdesk. Slippers are for sale, but your own slippers are allowed. In case of loss of rented towels charged compensation: bathrobe and bathtowel € 50 € 25.

Are children admitted in Waer Waters Wellness?

Everyone from the age of 16 is welcome in the wellness. Young people up to 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult anywhere. Children under 16 years cannot acces the wellness or the fitness.

Is the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices allowed in the wellness area?

Mobile calls in the wellness are forbidden, not to disturb the peace. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops, as well as photocameras or other are forbidden aswell. This to respect the privacy of our guests.

Is it allowed to bring my own drinks and food?

Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed.

Are groups allowed in the wellness area?

For the peace and quiet in the complex, groups of more than 6 people are not allowed in the wellness.
If you wish to organise a teambuilding of something else, it is only possible on Tuesday, Wednessday of Thursday by reservation through sales@waerwaters.com.

What happens if I do not respect the House Rules?

Failure to follow the House rules will result in removal from Waer Waters, after full payment and without refund.

Are the dressed and undressed zone completely separated?

Dressed and undressed zone are completely separated from each other. The visitor is however free to move from one zone to the other provided that adjustment of the dress code. The zones are complimentary.

Can I use both dressed and undressed zone during my visit to the wellness area?

By changing the dress code, the visitor is free to move from the dressed zone to the undressed zone and vice versa. After the entrance to the undressed zone, we offer a space to let your swim suit. There is also a swim suit dryer so that you do not have to get in wet swim suit to regain the dressed zone.


3. Beauty

On what days can I book a treatment at Waer Waters Resort?

Waer Waters Resort Beauty is open every day, 7 days a week including public holidays, from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Where can I find the offer of treatments?

You can already consult the treatments on our website under Beauty.
For a reservation please visit our site. We will always ask this to pay in advance.

Where can I find promotions/actions?

Temporary actions and permanent arrangements can be found on our website under the heading of actions.

Do I need to book a treatment in advance?

The earlier you book, the more treatment options you have. Treatments must be reserved through our site. The reservation will only be final when it was paid in advance.

Is it possible to book a treatment on arrival?

If there are cancellations or places still available, then it is possible to capture another treatment upon arrival.

How can I make a reservation of a treatment?

Treatments must be reserved through our site through clicking on reservation. The reservation of your treatment is only final with a guarantee: by payment online by credit card in advance or gift voucher.

Is it possible just to book a treatment or am I required to attach it to a wellnessvisit?

A treatment can also be reserved separately from a visit to the wellness.

Duo treatments can be scheduled?

All treatments can be scheduled simultaneously and in the same cabin, depending on the planning.
If you wish to book a treatment together, please mention it in your reservation.

Are treatments/massages given by men or women?

Our beauty treatments are only given by women.
Massages are given by men and women.

What if I cancel a reserved treatment or in case of no-show?

A reservation for a massage or treatment can be cancelled free of charge when this happens in writing (info@waerwaters.com) before 11 AM on the day before on the day of the scheduled treatment. In case of late cancellation i.e. after 11 AM on the day before on the day of the scheduled treatment, you will be charged a cancellation costs. This 100% of the total treatment costs. Medical certificates, or other unexpected circumstances, will not be taken in the event of late cancellation.

If I am a member do I have a discount on treatments?

As a member of the club, you will have 10% discount on all of our offered treatments. You also have discount on packages, however, not on temporary actions.

4. Fitness (& group classes)

When is the fitness of Waer Waters Resort open?

Waer Waters Sports is open every day, 7 days a week including public holidays, from 8 AM to 11 PM.
There are no group classes on public holidays.

Do I need to make a reservation for an access to the fitness area/group lessons in Waer Waters Resort?

Our group classes and fitness are only available to club members (full members or WWC-card holders).
Reservation for the group classes is mandatory because places are limited. For a fitness session this is not necessary.
Members can register online via our site Log-in.

How en where can there be cancelled?

For group lessons, we work only with reservation. We therefore appreciate to be held in the event of foreclosure. If you know that you cannot come to the class, please give the opportunity for another member to take your place.

In case of 3 no-shows during the same month a fine will be asked worth 1 group class € 8.50 on the Club member. At a WWC-turns the fine will be debited from the credit card holder. A member will have to pay the entrance fee of 8.50 € before the next group class participation. Otherwise appropriates the club reserves the right to refuse access to the group lessons.

I would like to have a trial to the fitness/group lessons. Is that possible?

If you would like to try a group lesson or our fitness, by sending an email to fitness@waerwaters.com. A first test session is free of course.

Should I be a member of the club to use the fitness/group classes?

Our group classes and fitness are only available to club members (full members or WWC-card holders). A first test turn is free.

Can I rely on guidance during my fitness – visit?

In the fitness you can almost always find 1 of our coaches. They assist you with advice and action. If you have any question, you can always ask them. Any member who wants to use the fitness room will be physically evaluated and given a presentation of equipment by a member of the sports team.

Our Personal Trainers are there for people who have more specific objectives.
They also accompany the members who sometimes doubt their motivation, give personal guidance and need support.

What do I need if I follow a group class of use the fitness? (towel,...)

Wearing correct sports clothing is required, in particular:
custom and clean sports shoes and socks.
A tidy shorts or sweatpants a clean t-shirt or sweatshirt because of hygienic reasons, it is also required to have a protective towel to place on the equipment during its use. Towels can be hired if necessary.

Is the use of a cellphone accepted in the fitness?

The use of a cellphone is accepted in the fitness but are prohibited in the wellness area.

There is drink occasion in the fitness?

The fitness is equipped with a water fountain. For different types of juices and soft drinks can be enjoyed in our Brasserie Rodenberg.


5. Gastronomy

When the restaurant is open?

Brasserie Rodenberg is open 7/7 from 10:30AM to 10:30PM (9:30PM is closing time kitchen).
Our wellness lounge is open from 12PM to 21:30 PM

Should I make a reservation if I wish to come to dinner?

To make reservations for Brasserie Rodenberg, you can send an e-mail to info@waerwaters.com

Can I come to dinner in the restaurant, if I am not a guest of the sauna?

This can in Brasserie Rodenberg. Our wellness lounge is exclusive to our wellness visitors.

Is there a possibility to eat outside?

The wellness restaurant has a large sun terrace.

Can I also just something in the restaurant (terrace) drink?

It is not necessary to enjoy a meal, you can also just have a drink.

Are animals allowed in the restaurant? (Brasserie Rodenberg)

Animals are not allowed in Waer Waters.

Where can I find the menu?

You can consult our menu on our website.

Are there certain actions?

Temporary actions and permanent arrangements can be found on our website.