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We offer different types of body treatments. From peeling to packing, from manicure to pedicure and from epilation to permanent hair removal.

Hammam Treatments

"Take a trip to the Middle-East"
Moroccan Hammam 80min / € 85pp
  • Steam cabin session
  • Massage black soap
  • Body scrub with kessa glove
  • Packing volcanic small
  • Argan oil body care
Ottoman Hammam 80min / € 85pp
  • Steam cabin session
  • Body scrub with kessa glove
  • Olive oil soap massage
  • Massage scalp & hair with shampoo
Hammam Delight 80min / € 85pp
  • Steam cabin session
  • Body scrub with kessa glove
  • Body massage with flower honey
Morrocan Gold 80min/ €85pp

Not available

Turkish hammam coffee ritual 50min / € 55pp
  • Steam cabin session
  • Revitalizing water ritual
  • Body scrub with coffee


Cream peeling 25min - €33,50 / p.p.*

Creamy peeling with cranberries

Sea salt oil peeling 25min - €33,50 / p.p.*

Peeling with a pleasant scent.


Soft cream packaging 25min - € 40,00 / p.p.*

Creamy, intensive packing with valuable almond oil for a delicious suppleness.

Anti-aging vitamin packing 25min - € 40,00 / p.p.*

Firming and skin-strengthening anti-aging packing with the power vitamins A, C and E.

Anti-aging lifting packing 25min - € 40,00 / p.p.*

Figure-forming, tightening, intensive packing for a clearer body silhouette

Thermo-mineral packing 25min - € 40,00 / p.p.*

Warming, skin-stimulating mineral mud packaging with a muscle-relaxing effect.

Algae detox packing 25min - € 40,00 / p.p.*

Detoxifying packing with freshly made, natural algae for a tight, smooth skin.

Algae detox packing 25min - € 40,00 / p.p.*

Creamy, intensive packing with valuable almond oil and freshly made, natural algae for a smooth, smooth skin.


Rhassoul (always in duo) 45min - from €20,00/ p.p in duo*

Rhassoul is a mud treatment where you apply the mud yourself.


Shaping For Hands 25min - € 30,00 / p.p.*

Enough reasons to give the hands a very special care: peeling - packing - massage.

Manicure 25min - € 30,00 / p.p. *
Spa Manicure 50min - € 60 / p.p. *

A combination of a manicure with a shaping for hands treatment consisting of peeling, packing and massage.


Shaping For Feet 25min - € 30,00 / p.p.*

For gloriously manicured feet all year round: peeling - wrap - massage.

Aesthetic Pedicure 25min - € 30 / p.p. *

Cutting nails, filing nails, soaking and loosening cuticles, cutting away sheets, grating the feet, short foot massage, possibly base lacquer (transparent, no color lacquer).…

Spa pedicure 50min - € 60,00 / p.p.*

Basic pedicure supplemented with shaping for feet (peeling, packing and massage)

Hair removal and waxing

Lower legs or arms € 20,00 / p.p.*
Lower and upper legs € 30,00 / p.p.*
Armpits € 15,00 / p.p.*
Bikini line (up to slip) (for women only) € 20,00 / p.p.*
Full bikini hair removal (for women only) € 30,00 / p.p.*
Men's chest or back € 30,00 / p.p.*

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

New data: 24/10- 10/12 http://laser-4-you.be/


3 + 1 session free for legs or back
Valid until the 31st of December 2019

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