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A day off on a weekday or relaxing at Waer Waters in the evening after a busy working day? Make the most of your day off at Waer Waters. Book a day of wellness on a weekday and enjoy the numerous benefits of it.

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For one moment, try to be honest with yourself. When was the last time that you put your mobile phone, to do lists and appointments aside? Exact. Thinking of nothing is an absolute must today. Time to blow off some steam! Plan a day of wellness on a weekday and enjoy the numerous benefits of it.  

We have already listed a few benefits for you:

// On a weekday it is quieter in the complex, which allows you to make the most of all facilities. You can relax while everyone is working. A wonderful feeling!

// In the week you pay less for your access. Furthermore, every evening (ma-so) from 18 onwards, you always enjoy a reduced evening rate. Such an advantage! Can not you believe your eyes? Consult here all our rates.

     - 29€/pp from Monday to Thursday (from 11h to 23h) instead of €35/pp from Friday to Sunday
     - 24€/per person from Monday to Thursday (from 18h to 23h) instead of € 35/pp from Friday to Sunday

// Think about yourself for a moment. Admit it, you can use some me-time anyway. A day of wellness is the perfect distraction and makes you completely relaxed, so you can get back to it.

// Quality time on a weekday is good against stress and gives you something to look forward to during the week.

// Interrupt your busy work week and put your mind on 0. Your body relaxes during a day of wellness. Moreover, your body is unconsciously busy to be able to perform well under the changing temperature changes. As a result, you are less likely to worry about the small daily worries.

// A day of wellness is your ideal flight to a world without mobile phones, laptops or other beloved screens. No wifi or connection. Totally detox and pure indulgence for yourself.

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The options at Waer Waters are endless.
To facilitate your choice, we put together 3 spa packages.
All packages include access to our thermal baths supplemented with towels, a tasty dish or both. Easy right?

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