PLAN YOUR VISIT What to bring with you

A good start is a carefree day. Do you want to enjoy from A to Z during your day at Waer Waters and save as much time as possible? Then it is very useful to arrange a number of practical matters in advance to get the most out of your visit to Waer Waters. We will list a few below.

Dress code

Requirements for your wellness experience:

Bath linen (bathrobe, 1 large towel, 1 small towel)
A bathrobe in towel fabric is needed to keep you warm and covered, both in the wellness and in our restaurant venues. You also need 1 large towel in the sauna, because your entire body must lie on a towel. You also need 1 more towel to dry yourself off. You can always rent a bath linen set at the reception.

Not allowed:
- Bathrobes of satin, fleece, ....
- Beachwear such as beach dresses etc.

Flip flops
Slippers are necessary for hygienic reasons and also prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces. Slippers can also be purchased at the reception. 

Not allowed:
- sandals

Bathing clothes
Be sure to bring bath clothing if you wish to explore the entire resort. Only swimwear in the elastane fabric is permitted. This substance does not retain waste, which means that the quality of our water remains optimal.

Booking online in advance is required

We strive to offer you the best wellness experience. To achieve this goal, the number of guests allowed in the complex is limited.

That is why online reservation is required. This way you are always sure of your access, your check-in runs even more smoothly and you can enjoy your wonderful day of pampering for even longer.

Do not forget your identity card on the day of your visit. This is necessary to guarantee your access.


Book your restaurant visit on arrival

The journey through the wellness naturally includes a visit to one of our 3 wellness restaurants. These were designed for you as a place to relax and complete your entire wellness experience.

You can book a table in one of our restaurants upon your arrival.

Discover our restaurants

Complete your 'must visit' list

Discover the 3 wonder worlds of Waer Waters here and immerse yourself in our Waer zen paradise. Our map immediately shows you the way. Go on a discovery and complete your absolute 'must visit list'. Behind every corner there is a breathtaking experience. Make it an unforgettable day of pampering!

View our building plan here

A hygienic experience in 6 steps

Step 1: elastane swimwear

Swimwear in the material elastane retains less perspiration and waste. After taking a shower you can enjoy carefree enjoyment and the water and sauna quality remains optimal.

Especially for the men: go for a small, fitting swimsuit, in the material elastane

Step 2: Disinfect your feet

Feet are packed in warm, dark, damp shoes. Everything bacteria love. Therefore, regularly disinfect your feet and slippers on our foot nozzles.

Step 3: Start with a shower

Start your sauna visit with a shower and say goodbye to 7 million unwanted friends. Wash with soap if you want to use your wellness experience completely clean.

Step 4: Use a towel

Better to leave an impression than a print in the sauna. So keep your whole body on a (large) towel during your sauna visit.

Step 5: It is better not to use your bathrobe to dry yourself off

A bathrobe is for cozy and dry relaxation. They don't like extreme heat and sweat. So leave your bathrobe out of the sauna and do not use it to dry you off.

Step 6: Showering after the sauna

After your sauna visit, first rinse all your waste away, so that you don't take unwanted company into the baths. uses cookies to improve your user experience. More information

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