Prepare your stay

Pre-Booking is required.

We strive to maintain the integrity of the experience so the number of guests is limited inside the complex. 

Needed during your Wellness Experience: Hot - Cold and Relax

A bathrobe is needed, in our wellness and restaurants, to keep you warm and covered. 1 big towel is needed into the sauna because all bodyparts must be on a towel. 1 towel to dry yourself. These sets can be rented at the reception desk.

Hygiene and Safety

We ask you to shower before entering. And we only allow you to bring swimwear in lycra fabric (big swim shorts are not allowed). All these measurements are important to maintain a good water quality. We monitor and adjust our water quality three times a day as often as the law requires. Detailed water quality reports are available upon request.

Flip flops are requested for hygiene and safety reasons.

The Value of Silence

Silence is essential to the enjoyment of our spa, it brings inner stillness leading to complete relaxation. Embrace it.

No #Hashtags# needed

There’s no wifi at the Waer Waters Wellness resort, but we promise you will find a better connection. Therefore, electronic devices and cameras are not permitted in the spa.


It’s important to keep hydrated during your spa experience.  Water fountains are located at various locations around the Spa. Therefore we do not allow guests to bring their own bottles or food with them for their visit to Waer Waters.

Restaurant reservation

The journey through the spa includes a visit into one of our 3 restaurants. Conceived as a place for you to relax and replenish during the Wellness experience, this space gives you an opportunity to enjoy complimentary beverages and light meals. You can reserve your table at the entrance.

Your bracelet to facilitate your visit

When you check in, you will be given a bracelet which allows you to enjoy our facilities with total freedom. It functions as the key to your changing room and gives you access to all of the experience areas at Waer Waters. It is also the means by which you charge all meals and in-lagoon refreshments during your visit. We kindly suggest you wear it throughout your stay.