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Waer Waters believes in the "Mens sana in corpore sano" credo. A healthy mind in a healthy body.
The Waer Waters Sport team strives to guide every athlete through a team of specialists.  By guiding you in a more conscious way, you improve your sports performance and we correct your movement pattern to minimize the risk of injury.

We work together with various experts in their field. We create a qualitative and dynamic environment for our athletes where everyone feels recognized and acknowledged.

  • 1. Get advised

    Medical Team:
    Groepspraktijk Dupont

  • 2. Get Screened

    Screening team:
    Holistic Health & Performance Specialist, Filip De Bast

  • 3. Get Coached

    Coaching team:
    Sports Team Waer Waters

Get adviced

During the intake interview with Michaël Dupont, Osteopath and Physiotherapist, your body will be mapped out from different angles. These findings form the basis of your personal medical report, so that other therapists or movement coaches can fall back on this in the further process if necessary.

The team then looks at which route is best for you to reach your expectations in a responsible manner.

So do you want to move in a medically responsible way? Then this is the way to go.

The team
Osteopath: Dupont Michaël
Physiotherapist: Vanderpooten Willem
Dietitian: Lieselot Sablon

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Intake interview: Make your appointment

Question for Michaël? 
Do not hesitate to contact him by telephone:
- 0496 47 82 83
- or by e-mail
- or via the website

2. Screening team: Holistic Health & Performance Specialist, Filip De Bast

During the functional screening, Filip De Bast subjects you to 6 tests that map the way you move. Your body is analyzed during push, pull, rotation, squat, lunge and bending movements.
Within the functional movement analysis, Filip looks for certain limitations, compensates, asymmetries, imbalances (within these 6 basic movements) in the field of mobility and dynamic stability of the body.

This data will be kept in your personal report so that the movement coaches can take this into account when drawing up your training program / plan in which these limitations, compensations, asymmetries and imbalances are eliminated.

If you want to train in a targeted and more qualitative way using an injury prevention plan, do not hesitate to make your appointment.

3. Coaching team: Sports Team Waer Waters

You are almost ready to start your sporting adventure at Waer Waters. Based on the results of your screening, a personalized training program will be prepared by our fitness coaches.
You are not alone. They guide you through your sportiest experience and assist you with advice and assistance.
Make an appointment for your sports journey
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