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Does that extra touch at the hotel make you smile just a little bit bigger? With our various extra amenities, such as room service, pillow service, laundry service, and turn down service, Waer Waters **** Hotel is glad to convert your stay into a true dream stay.


Check-in: the room is accessible from 4 pm and check-in is possible until 11 pm.

Check-out: before 11am.


Room Service

You're so relaxed that you can't even get out of your room to eat? In your room, find the room service menu and have your favorite foods and beverages delivered straight to your door.


| Available from 12:00 PM to 09:30 PM | 


Would you prefer your breakfast to be served in your room? Waer Waters hotel**** offers the option of waking up and having "breakfast in bed."


| Mon-Fri 07:00 - 10:30 am |
| Sat & Sun 08:30 - 10:30 am | 


Would you like to enjoy this extra service?
We give you more information at your check-in.


Pillow service

As our Waer Waters hotel guest you feel particularly good in your room. With our pillow services you can choose from different pillow sizes and duvet covers. Cuddle up in your Kingsize bed and choose a Tensel down blanket or Egyptian cotton.


Sleeping beauty, do you prefer a 100% vegetable bed cover? Then sleep under a Tencel comforter. A Tencel comforter consists of 100% eucalyptus wood. Experience optimum sleeping comfort thanks to high moisture absorption and rapid evaporation. Your comforter breathes with you and gives you a constant sleeping climate. Moreover, tencel feels great: soft as silk, cool as linen, comfortable and warm as wool and strong as cotton.


Or do you prefer a soft and shiny Egyptian cotton comforter? Egyptian Cotton feels soft on the skin and is nevertheless very strong. Moreover, it is cool, breathable and can absorb a lot of moisture. It lets you experience a luxurious feeling. In short, a pleasure to sleep under.


Would you like to enjoy this extra service?
Contact us before your stay and we will be happy to explain more.

* this service is subject to stock

Additional bookable

Turn down service

Waer Waters **** Hotel appreciates the simple things that make you happy. We prefer to make your bedroom sleep-ready so that all you have to do is unwind. Closing your curtains and putting on mood lighting, as well as restocking your bath and shower supplies and laying a sweet or chocolate on your bed, are all factors that come into play.


Do you enjoy this service?
We will gladly give you more information on your arrival.

Separate your bags

Are you planning to enjoy a wonderful hotel stay including wellness and do you want to relax and enjoy the spa as soon as possible before checking in for the hotel? 


Then we have a handy tip for you!


Pack two bags: one with all your stuff you'll need for the spa, like your swimwear, towels and bathrobe, and one with all your stuff you'll need later, like your clothes for the next day. That way, you won't have to rummage through all your stuff to find the right one for the spa.

Additional bookable

Laundry service

Have you not packed enough clothing for the entire duration of your stay? Or do you wish to store your clothing freshly washed in your suitcase? Give us your precious clothing and we will wash it. For the most delicate clothing we call on the dry cleaner. The laundry and dry cleaning service is available upon request.


Do you want to enjoy this service?
We will gladly give you more explanation at your arrival.