The art of ‘niksen’

Do you like to spend your time doing nothing? Then you'll be pleased to learn that you're not lazy after all, according to the latest hype: ‘niksen’. Now, cramming your holidays with experiences that will impress your friends and family is a thing of the past. Niksen will bring you the relaxation you've always been looking for and a blissful peace of mind. It's exactly what you need to be able to return to your daily life feeling ready to take on the world.



Niksen is the new Northern European trend that has emerged from the Netherlands and is allegedly the perfect solution to our stressful lives. After the Danish Hygge (cosiness) and the Swedish Lagom (moderation), we finally have a new lifestyle trend. Though to Belgian ears, niksen may have a negative connotation of wasting time, the word seamlessly fits the modern lifestyle trend towards minimalist and sustainable living. Niksen is a reaction to hustle culture and having to be constantly available.


Have we lost the art of niksen?

In our modern society, it's perfectly understandable that a busy go-getter or a die-hard workaholic would have no idea what ‘niksen’ is all about. Well, niksen means doing nothing at all. Simply chilling, gazing around you and lounging about, without checking your emails or social media accounts. The main aim is to not do very much of anything. Our ‘Zen’ zone is the perfect place to escape from the world and do absolutely nothing, far away from the frenetic activity of everyday life, surrounded by an oasis of peace. 


The noble practice of niksen

Think doing nothing is a waste of time? Think again. Niksen can result in numerous beneficial health effects that are sufficient to rejuvenate even the most busy and overworked of us. Discover the emotional and physical benefits below. Niksen...


  • makes you happier
  • makes you feel relaxed
  • is the ideal remedy for fast-paced, stressful life
  • recharges your batteries
  • makes you more creative and gives you those coveted “Aha!” moments
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • strengthens your immune system
  • alleviates the effects of a burnout



See doing nothing as clearing your head, lazing about, or lounging around. Let your thoughts melt away and think about nothing. Niksen forces you to calm down, enjoy the peace and quiet and think about the big questions in life. When you daydream, your mind wanders off and you get in touch with your subconscious. This gives your brain the chance to activate, solve problems and come to new insights. A waterfall of random ideas, memories and dreams will flood your mind. Just take inspiration from Isaac Newton (gravity), René Descartes (x and y axis) or Archimedes (principle of upward buoyant force) who had their famous “Aha!” moments under the most mundane of circumstances. This shows that a constant overdose of stimulation prevents these eureka moments from happening.


All or nothing?

We're always ‘on’, but it's hugely beneficial to occasionally turn yourself ‘off’. It can be hard to do this at home, because it's so easy to fall back into our usual habits. That's why the Zen zone in the Waer Waters wellness centre is the perfect place to do a spot of niksen. Experience an oasis of blissful peace and enjoy some me-time in silence in the spas. Lay back and relax on the lounge chairs, find peace in the bio sauna, salt sauna or hot sauna, schedule a wonderful massage, or sip on a cup of tea.


Is relaxation your main priority on holiday? Don't plunge head-first into activities, because you'll end up feeling even more restless. Plan an initial day of niksen with a big dose of me-time. Your batteries will be fully recharged.


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