Aufguss sessions

Experience the powerful effect of banya branches on your body, treat your body and health to an aromatic session or immerse yourself in a themed aufguss session. Waer Waters offers you a varied range of aufguss sessions.


The aufguss ritual is originally a Finnish tradition, during which water is mixed with essential oils and poured over the hot stones by the sauna master. A beautiful aroma is released and the steam spreads throughout the room. The sauna master waves a towel and fans away the layer of heat around the body. In spite of the high temperatures in the sauna, this ritual is sure to give you goosebumps. Our aufguss sessions are open to all our wellness visitors.


Silence hot Aufguss

This infusion is with an extreme intensity of heat. We push the boundaries of warmth, inviting you to embrace this intense experience. Of course, you are always free to exit the cabin if the heat becomes too intense for you. Do you dare to take on the ultimate heat challenge?


Theme Aufguss

In our largest sauna, we present theme sessions where scent, music and light come together harmoniously, guided by the intuition of the sauna master. This experience can range from calming to energetic, depending on the moment. Feel free to ask the sauna master before the session what to expect, allowing you to decide if you want to participate. We highly recommend these unique sessions! An experience that is always exceptionally pleasant to be a part of.


Show Aufguss

In our show aufguss, similar to a theme aufguss, we introduce an extra dimension by incorporating a story told in just 15 minutes. This can be enhanced with decorations and extra's. The show sessions are known for their energetic character, showcasing the sauna master's best towel tricks. Occasionally, we play with the flickering of various lights during these sessions, adding to the dynamic nature of the experience.


Aroma session

In our aroma sessions, we cultivate a warm yet not over-the-top sauna experience, with a complete emphasis on the aromatic experience.

Instead of using essential oils, we employ a pre-prepared tea infusion. This strained tea is applied directly to the sauna, providing you with a pure connection to the organically utilized products.


Pirts birch experience

In our Pirts/Banja/Birch Experience sessions, held in our beautiful kelo saunas (Kelo - Unite / Chalet - Re-energize), we go back to basics. No essential oils, no flashy towel waving, just pure and simple. We prepare an infusion of birch branches up to 24 hours before the session. After straining this infusion, we apply it directly to the stove. The heat, fragrance, and moisture disperse throughout the space with the help of these birch branches. Immerse yourself completely in the music combined with the soothing sound of the branches.


Ultra soft relaxation

In this session, held in our stunning event sauna, almost all lights are dimmed, music plays at a very low volume, and the heaters are set to a gentler level. Here, the emphasis is on complete relaxation. We experiment with warm and cool air, and while a touch of essential oil may be part of the experience, we also incorporate 'smudging.'

This involves respectfully smoldering certain resins, herbs, and flowers. It may produce smoke, but primarily, it creates a very pleasant and pure aroma. It pays homage to one of the earliest purification techniques in our history, allowing you to relax at a deeper level by reconnecting with the rituals of our ancestors


Goodnight session

In this calm session, identical to a classic infusion session, we conclude the day in complete serenity. With tranquil music, soothing scents and relaxing towel movements, we cultivate an atmosphere of peace and calm.


It's the perfect way to conclude the final classic infusion of the day.

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