RELAX Experience the resort

Experience wellness tailored to you in our zen paradise. Sense the different atmospheres of the three zones and feel completely in the zone. Achieve full relaxation in Zen, feel connected in Unite (clothed zone) and recharge your body and mind in Re-energize (naked zone).

Participate in our extensive programme of experiences with sauna, scrub and meditation sessions. Allow yourself to be pampered from head to toe during our relaxing body treatments. Make your day of pampering complete by tantalising your taste buds in one of our restaurants

The perfect sauna visit

A miracle cure to banish all tension from your body and mind. The alternating exposure to hot, cold and rest creates energy and peace in your body. Endorphins—also known as feel-good hormones—are released that rejuvenate your body and mind.

  • 1. Warm

    The heat accumulates in your body. You can feel the sweat pearling on your skin. And your focus narrows.

  • 2. Cold

    Whatever you do, your blood pumps through your body at lightning speed and leaves you tingling behind. Refreshing and relaxing and at the same time.

  • 3. Rest

    The thermal shock also releases endorphins. By lying down you can fully enjoy this and let these happiness hormones frolic happily and freely through your body.

A great sauna starts with you
  • No hashtags needed

    No electronic devices allowed. We do promise that you will find a better connection here anyway.

  • Clean lines

    We are a place of peace and space. Clean lines are central. Do not eat & drink in the changing rooms and only use transparent bags in the wellness. In this way we help to ensure your privacy.

  • Silence is golden

    The sauna, one of the few places where it is still quiet. Maintain the silence. Maintain the magic.

  • Hygienic experience

    Because everyone works together to improve hygiene, the water quality is maintained and we can always offer guaranteed water hygiene. We monitor all our baths 3 times a day.


Enjoy to the fullest in a quiet zen atmosphere a relaxing and satisfying we-moment. Reconnect with your inner self and your loved ones in the dressed 'Unite' zone of our thermal baths.


Experience an oasis of blissful tranquillity and enjoy a me-moment in absolute silence in the dressed ‘Zen’ zone. The Zen zone is the ideal place to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, to fully regain yourself and to recharge your batteries.


Experience pure wellness in 'Re-energize'. Re-source completely and let your mind experience a unique experience in our naked zone. Experience a true relief and feel completely reborn. uses cookies to improve your user experience. More information

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