The wellness offer in Waer Waters is impressive: inside or outside, hot or cold, with or without bathing suits. The thermal baths consist of 2 clearly defined zones so that both dressed visitors and naked guests can experience wellness in the way that suits them best.

Please note: the dressed zone and the nude zone are not identical and each have different facilities. So if you want to be able to discover the entire complex, you should certainly always bring swimming clothing.

EXPERIENCE THE RESORT 3 Zones, 3 experiences

Intriguing, isn't it? Everyone is unique and therefore everyone has their own way of relaxing. Depending on the experience you want, Waer Waters can offer you tailor-made wellness. 3 different zones, fully tailored to your needs, wishes and desires to fully enjoy your visit to our spa. Silence and relaxation are central to every zone, but the experience is different. How are you feeling today?


Enjoy to the fullest in a quiet zen atmosphere a relaxing and satisfying we-moment. Reconnect with your inner self and your loved ones in the dressed 'Unite' zone of our thermal baths.


Experience an oasis of blissful tranquillity and enjoy a me-moment in absolute silence in the dressed ‘Zen’ zone. The Zen zone is the ideal place to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, to fully regain yourself and to recharge your batteries.


Experience pure wellness in 'Re-energize'. Re-source completely and let your mind experience a unique experience in our naked zone. Experience a true relief and feel completely reborn.

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