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Step 2 - Cold

After surrounding yourself with heat, cool yourself down for a few seconds. 10 to 15 seconds is sufficient to get your body to cool down. Submerging yourself in cold water alters your blood pressure, stimulates your body to eliminate toxins and helps the muscles to relax.

Go ahead, take the plunge

Take a walk in the cool outside air, enjoy a refreshing rain shower, take a dip in the swimming pond or a relax in one of the many plunge pools and swimming pools.

Experience and conquer

The feeling of well-being you’ll experience in your body will convince you to go for a second thermal cycle. You’ve never felt this relaxed. It’s a revelation! It changes your life!

Discover our cold facilities

Dressed zone
Heated plunge pools at 36°C

Relax in the 36°C heated plunge pools.

Unite / Zen
Dressed zone
Heated indoor and outdoor pools at 36 ° C

You can optimally enjoy every season in the heated outdoor swimming pool at 36°C.

Dressed & Undressed zone
Open-air floating pool

Close your eyes while the natural sea salt in the 36°C floating pool keeps you afloat. You will experience a pleasant feeling of magical weightlessness. You can hear beautiful, relaxing music playing underwater. The sea salt has a healing effect on your body.

Unite / Re-energize
Dressed & Undressed zone

A hot tub, Jacuzzi or whirlpool is a pool heated to around 37/38°C, in which bubbles are created with air. The rising bubbles and water jets give your body a wonderful massage and allow your muscles and joints to relax completely. Experience the relaxing and stress-reducing effect of the bubbles on your body.

// The jacuzzis will be open - by bubble - from 01/07.

Unite / Zen / Re-energize
Dressed & Undressed zone
Swimming pools at 32 ° C

Relax in our heated swimming pools.

Unite / Re-energize
Dressed zone
Kneipp bath

In the contrast bath, cold and warm water are used alternately when bathing or showering. The alternating temperatures are considered to have therapeutic benefits, such as in Kneipp therapy.

Dressed & Undressed zone
Natural swimming ponds

Experience the wonderful feeling of bathing in natural water. Enjoy pure nature. Admire the beautiful flora and fauna. The water is purified through organic means in a specially created marsh of purifying aquatic plants. The swimming pond is not only great for your skin, but also for nature!

Unite /Zen/Re-energize
Dressed & Undressed zone
Bucket shower/ Rain and experience shower

The rain shower and bucket shower are the ideal way to quickly cool down your entire body after a sauna visit. The refreshing water stimulates circulation, is good for your skin and boosts the immune system. The bucket shower empties a powerful surge of water over body. You can quickly remove yourself from the cold water, which means it's easier to withstand.

Unite /Zen / Re-energize
Dressed zone
Cold plunge pools at 12°C

The most traditional way to cool yourself down is to submerge yourself in a cold plunge pool. Don’t forget to cool off your head too, otherwise the heat will rise to your head and you may get a headache.

Unite / Zen

Step 1 - Hot

The first step in the thermal cycle is to expose your body to intense heat. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes in the sauna or hammam and allow the healing heat to blanket you. The increase in body temperature expands your blood vessels, lowers your blood pressure and increases blood flow to the skin and muscles. Experience a feeling of peace and go deep within yourself.

Hot facilities

Step 3 - Rest

After exposing your body to hot and cold temperatures, it’s advisable to rest your body so your blood flow and heart rate can stabilise. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes in one of our many relaxation rooms, where all the daily pressures of life make way for a heavenly feeling of peace of mind and well-being.

Rest facilities

Enjoy to the fullest in a quiet zen atmosphere a relaxing and satisfying we-moment. Reconnect with your inner self and your loved ones in the dressed 'Unite' zone of our thermal baths.


Experience an oasis of blissful tranquillity and enjoy a me-moment in absolute silence in the dressed ‘Zen’ zone. The Zen zone is the ideal place to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, to fully regain yourself and to recharge your batteries.


Experience pure wellness in 'Re-energize'. Re-source completely and let your mind experience a unique experience in our naked zone. Experience a true relief and feel completely reborn.

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