Functionele workouts

These functional group lessons offer a challenge and teach you how to train effectively and efficiently to achieve the best possible result.


During these workouts you make your body stronger to better absorb movements and actions in everyday life. Ready to take on the challenge?

Group work-out


60 minutes to give your utmost together with other motivated people, that is Crosshiit.
A balanced combination of cardio and strength training ensures that every goal is within reach: becoming fitter, weight loss, improving your performance, ... Whether you are a novice athlete or more experienced, this workout is adapted to everyone's level and helps you to a higher level. next level.


This workout will never bore you because of the endless variety of exercises. We work with dumbbells, plyoboxes, slamballs, etc .. This way you remain motivated to continue and always give your maximum during every Crosshiit session. Want to get to that next level?


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training — a befitting name. With this intense, varied bootcamp, you'll reach unprecedented heights.

You'll discover that your heart is a muscle you can train. Your stamina, power and flexibility will all be taken to a new level.    

Group work-out

Total Body Workout

A combination of 3 functional sessions to upgrade your entire body: Abs & Core, SYNRGY & TRX.


Each time 45 minutes the focus is on strength exercises to make you stronger, strengthen your core and increase stability. A short, intense training with lots of variation for an impressive effect. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.