Stretching & yoga workouts

Breathe in and out. Follow how the air flows through your body and let all stress drift away. Stretching & yoga workouts are a training method based on posture, breathing, stability, coordination and focus on body & mind. "Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind." ~ Patañjali.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a gentle form of exercise based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes postural exercises and slow, flowing movements to energize the "Qi" (what the Chinese call vital energy or breath).


Qi Gong has many benefits. It helps digestion by massaging the internal organs. It is especially recommended to combat stress because it helps you relax both physically and mentally.


Qi Gong can make our lives more enjoyable by calming the mind and encouraging concentration through breathing techniques synchronized with the movements.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga, often referred to as Flow Yoga, resembles a magnificent dance of body and breath. It's a spellbinding odyssey where you glide seamlessly from one yoga pose to the next, synchronizing flawlessly with the rhythm of your breath. Vinyasa, bearing the profound meaning of 'orchestrating perfect order' and 'forging a sacred union between movement and breath,' extends an invitation to immerse yourself in the potent experience of synchronicity, as you wholeheartedly embrace the ever-flowing stream of life. It's the exquisite equilibrium of mind, body, and soul.


Yogalates is like having the best of both worlds! It combines the strength and stability of Pilates with the flexibility and agility of yoga, truly giving you the best of both worlds.


During Yogalates sessions, you are challenged to work your back, abdomen and pelvic floor together for strength and stability, while at the same time improving your breathing and flexibility as you do during yoga. Mindful exercises allow you to reduce stress and tension and gain powerful abdominal muscles and lengthened muscles that can help relieve back pain.


This group class is a true all-in-one experience where the power of pilates and the flexibility of yoga come together. You will be introduced to a complete program of breathing exercises, muscle strengthening and stretching that will not only enrich you physically but also mentally through the balance exercises that increase your concentration.


Balance doesn't only benefit your coordination and flexibility, but it also helps you improve your posture by strengthening and lengthening your spine.

Yin Yoga

Sit or lie down in the correct pose and pay attention to your breathing. Do nothing else, and so much will happen.
By allowing yourself to get lost in the pose and by listening to your body, spaciousness arises — literally and figuratively. Your ligaments relax and the rest of your body follows.
The stress fades into the background and you reconnect with yourself. This is your moment. 


Give your body the space to stretch and enhance your flexibility in a gentle manner. This class is ideal for various muscle concerns. Feel yourself in a flow through all the positions.

Hatha Yoga

Breathe in and out. Feel your breath flowing through your body and let all the stress melt away. You don’t need to control your unruly thoughts; the voices will begin to naturally quieten.
We focus on posture and breath, and unify your body and spirit, so they reach a perfect harmony. You are fully relaxed, and the stress has made way for energy. 

Mindfulness Yoga

In Mindfulness Yoga or Qi Gong, you make fluid movements with your body until you reach a flow and everything becomes effortless. The state that athletes reach when they perform their sport, can be generated with simple exercises. All the blocks caused by stress will fall away. Your blood will flow freely throughout your body and the endorphins will invigorate your mind, making way for joy.   

Power Yoga

Powerful poses flow seamlessly into one another to the rhythm of your breath. In each pose, you find the perfect balance and stretch your entire body while making it stronger. And due to the intense concentration required to control your body, you'll also feel mentally stronger. You don't just do the poses, you become the Tree, the Mountain and the Warrior.


Pilates is about making subtle movements in a very controlled way. It seems easy, but the more subtle the movement, the more effort it takes and the more concentration it requires of you.
With ingenious exercises on the mat, you build a strong and more conscious body. For days after, you’ll feel the burn in muscles you never knew existed. And your posture will change.
The crumpled, collapsed feeling you have when you work at a desk will be transformed into a strong, confident core.