Waer Waters believes in the "Mens sana in corpore sano" credo. A healthy mind in a healthy body.


The Waer Waters Sport team strives to guide every athlete through a team of specialists.By guiding you in a more conscious way, you improve your sports performance and we correct your movement pattern to minimize the risk of injury. We work together with various experts in their field. We create a qualitative and dynamic environment for our athletes where everyone feels recognized and acknowledged.

Discover our fitness zones


In the cardio zone you can find all cardio devices that aim to improve the heart and lung functions.


In the strength zone we have the classic fitness strength machines that focus on isolating the muscle. Within our strength zone we have a free weight zone.


Not so experienced with strength exercises yet? Then you've got in the correct circuit zone.

Functional training zone

With functional training you mainly train a certain function that the body needs in / on: daily life, work, the sport that people practice.


We distinguish 7: Squat, Lunge, Push movement, Pull movement, Bending, Rotations & the gait or gait.

Stretching zone

Besides the warm-up and the core of your training, the stretching part is also indispensable. Those who integrate stretching into their training significantly reduce the risk of injury. The fitness has a spacious mat zone where all possible forms of stretching can be performed. This with the help of material or without. This zone can also be used to improve your flexibility.

Discover our Fitness Workouts

Discover our fitness workouts

These functional group lessons offer a challenge and teach you how to train effectively and efficiently to achieve the best possible result.

During these workouts you make your body stronger to better absorb movements and actions in everyday life. Ready to take on the challenge?

Discover our functional small group trainingsessions

Meet your fitness team

Jens Roobaert

Jens Roobaert is part of the team as a coach / personal trainer. He is a passionate and bitten trainer where a smile is inevitable.


Jens believes in the principle of motivation, structure (organization) and technology. He combines these 3 elements to guide people as sportily as possible to their desired goal.


The fitter you are, the better you feel! The slogan "It can always be better" is made for him. As a neophyte, he is therefore always ready for new challenges.

Dean Raey

Dean Raeymaekers is a personal trainer with a Bachelor of Physical Education (optional subject fitness). At a young age he has already gained several years of experience in the fitness world.


In addition, he himself has an extensive sporting past. For example, he has played football at the national level, has been practicing Urban dance and has been giving group lessons since he was 19 years old.


Dean has a passion to help customers achieve their personal goals. If the customer leaves fitness with a smile and satisfied feeling, the majority have already passed. Never say never.

Aline Trefois

As a third-year Physiotherapy student, a healthy mind in a healthy body is essential for Aline. But being healthy also means moving in a healthy way.


Thanks to the knowledge she has already gained with her studies, she wants to help you achieve your goals, all in a correct and efficient way.


Do you suffer from injuries? No problem, Aline is happy to take the time to explain what you should avoid and how you can become stronger and fitter. 

Lorenzo Vander Gucht

Lorenzo is a sociaLand good-humored person with a passion for sports. He wants his clients to test their limits on their own terms and at their own pace.


Lorenzo is a physical education major with a bachelor's degree. He has more than 25 years of soccer expertise and is a primary school teacher.


Working hard is the key to making your aspirations a reality. This motto also describes his life philosophy.

Anne-Françoise Lambrecht

Since 2021, Anne-Françoise has been a member of Waer Waters' fitness staff. Anne-Françoise used to dance in a variety of styles as a child, but then went through a period of inactivity. Despite the setback, she was able to re-establish the passion and discipline necessary to make sport a priority in her life. Fitness is now a true passion for her.


She has been certified as a Physical Trainer and is eager to share her experience and begin to work within a structured environment. You can be sure that when she coaches you, you will leave with a smile on your face and a sense of satisfaction. She is sensitive to the demands of each individual and will go to great lengths to ensure that you reach your objectives. 'You're only one workout away from a good mood!'