Personal training

Do you wish to achieve your athletic goals? How can you make the most of yourself? Would you like to improve your health? Do you want to lose weight? Or do you simply need a little extra motivation to start living a better lifestyle? Our purpose is to fulfill your request. You may expect to see results without sacrificing your quality of life if you use a steady, incremental, and goal-oriented strategy. Let's kick some ass together!

  • Individual coaching 
  • Everything at your pace 
  • Achieve your goals in 60 minutes per session
  • Suitable for all ages & body shapes
  • Duo training also possible


Personal training is exclusively available to Waer Waters members and is not included in the normal membership. There is a free meet your coach talk, guided tour and screening of 30' beforehand! :) 

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Various packages for various needs

LEVEL 1 | 9 PT sessions + 1 free

Individual = €480

Duo = €860


Incl. screening 30' 

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LEVEL 2 | 18 PT sessions + 2 free

Individual = €680

Duo = €1200


Incl. screening 30' 

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Meet your coach + guided tour

You will meet with your coach for an introduction appointment prior to your subscription, when you will discuss your expectations and objectives together. You will also be given a tour of the gym to immerse yourself with the location and equipment. You'll be able to tell if you're 100% devoted to your personal training program this way.


What is a screening?

All programs include a 30-minute screening. Prior to the personal training sessions, there will be a one-time consultation. We discuss your goals and perform a full body measurement to assess your muscle, fat, and water percentages during the intake interview. Your injuries will be documented as well. Last but not least, the personal training sessions are set up.

What exactly is a personal training session?

You will be personally guided by an expert instructor for 1 hour. You will gain the essential theoretical and practical knowledge to achieve your goals through exercise and nutrition guidelines during your program. Your progress is always being closely monitored.

Duo training

Would you prefer join up with a buddy or your partner? Then choose for a duo personal training session. You may both sign up and work on your health and physique at the same time. Furthermore, as mentioned in the bundles above, you each receive a substantial discount. 

Meet your coaches

Our coaches have years of experience and the necessary expertise to help you achieve your objectives. Together, with our knowledge and your enthusiasm, we will certainly reach a fantastic result! Learn about your coaches and their expertise.

Olivier Freché

Hello, bonjour, goeiedag! 


Let me introduce myself, my name is Olivier. With my advanced degree in sports coaching and wellness activities, I have been working in the fitness world for more than 5 years and I am currently responsible for the sports team (fitness and group lessons) at Waer Waters.


Sport has been my passion since childhood. I practiced a multitude of sports such as judo, swimming, badminton (yes yes!) and especially football, which is my greatest passion.I like to help people achieve their goals, whether through group classes, personal training or just by giving some advice. I know that a little help often makes the difference!


In my personal practice, I train in several ways: I can practice weightlifting or functional movements, as well as strength training and cardio. I strive to take the best of each discipline and incorporate it into my training. This is also how I work during my coaching.  Beside that, I am also a "scout football" or "talent recruiter" for more than 4 years. In particular, I recruited young players for the Leuven football club academy in division 1. 


Currently and for 2 years, I have the honor of working for the Belgian Football Federation. My role is therefore to recruit young footballers from all over Belgium so that they can represent their country at international level. So, now that you know a little more about me, I hope to learn a little more about you during your next visit to our Gym.           


Don't hesitate, I don't bite! ☺  


See you soon ! Olivier.


Hey there! My name is Maxime, I'm 21 years old and I live in beautiful Schepdaal.  I am a born athlete and grew up in a family that was always into fitness and sports. During my youth I practiced different sports, such as athletics, swimming and table tennis, but my heart goes to volleyball.


In 2022 I discovered fitness and since then I have been completely sold by this new passion and love to share it with others. Through my studies in Physical Education and Sports at Don Bosco GB, I have the necessary knowledge to work with you on your fitness goals. 


I will gladly help you draw up a sports plan, give you the necessary nutrition tips, I am always open for a good conversation and last but not least, I am always ready to give you the necessary personal training at any moment.


Would you like to see what the possibilities are? Don't hesitate and stop by. I look forward to meeting you and working together on your fitness goals. 


And remember: excuses don't burn calories!

Anne-Françoise Lambrecht

Aloha! I'm Anne-Françoise, Certified Personal Trainer (EREPS 4 - NASM), 24/7. Passionate, motivated and (I dare say) always in a good mood. Life is too short not to enjoy it every day!


Don't let my small stature fool you, because you will be amazed by my 80 kg squats & pull-ups. And if I can do it, so can you!


Since 2018, Fitness has been a part of my lifestyle. It has profoundly changed my life since then. Originally a Jurist by training, I chose to retrain professionally so that I can pass on my passion for sport to everyone, regardless of gender or age, with perhaps a penchant for training women. I help you to become the best version of yourself. Strong buttocks, streamlined arms, and a body that can move mountains. I've got you, superwoman!


"One workout can change your day, many workouts can change your life. Start today! "

Yann Moedbeck

"Hey sports fan, I'm Yann, a 22-year-old sports "freak" with a passion for fitness. I got my degree in Physical Education and Sports, yet I decided to take a different path as a garden and landscape architect. Eventually I followed my heart and that led me back to the world of sports.


I have tried many sports myself, including karate, English boxing, ping pong and soccer. I have been in the fitness world for more than six years and have tried all the variations. Because let me tell you, fitness is not just lifting weights. There are lots of different ways to challenge yourself and stay fit. It would surprise you.


My fitness adventure began with calisthenics, exercising based on your own body weight. Then I moved on to bodybuilding, where I discovered my passion for striving for the - for me - perfect body. Nowadays, I do a mixture of both, which I personally enjoy much more and can maintain an athletic physique.


Can you relate to my views on sports? Feel free to stop by for a chat. With hard work and the right mindset, you can climb the highest mountains, and I'd love to help you make it happen. Let's get started together!"

Don't let my smile fool you :). I will do everything to bring out the best in you so that you can achieve your goals in a responsible manner. 

By the way, are you recovering from an injury? Then you can also come to me for rehabilitation therapy.