Active workouts

Strength, cardio, core training, low impact, high impact, pop music or solid beats, you will do something for everyone but working on your body.

And you are not alone. Our coaches help you motivate, give you feedback and adjust your movements where necessary. You leave your favorite workout guaranteed with a tired but satisfied feeling.


Your new best friend is a dumbbell with light weights. Together, you carry out rapid movements repeatedly to the rhythm of the music.

You will work on creating sculpted shoulders, abs, biceps and triceps and strengthening your heart.

Boxing class

Is a boxing training class where you will improve your coordination as well as strength, technique and endurance. Get introduced to the basics of boxing and learn how to apply boxing techniques while sparring.


Wave your arms, bend your legs, jump in the air, swing your hips, Zumba zooms intensively throughout your entire body. With each movement, you'll feel freer and dance yourself closer to Latin America.   


Think about how your body feels after a classic abs, butt and chest workout.
Only this time you work your whole upper body and use weights and resistance bands. Egged on by pop beats, you'll be moving non-stop. 


Roll your whole body over the exercise ball and feel like you're ever so slightly hovering.
Don't be deceived — this is a powerful workout. With the ball as an extension of your body, you train your back, abs, balance and coordination all at the same time. 

Bodypump Express

The little brother of Bodypump — the same but shorter. But don't be fooled, in this case, shorter means you have to work even harder. On this EXPRESS train, you'll quickly work on building stronger shoulders, abs, biceps and triceps.  


Body Combat is the best of two worlds. Feel the freedom and explosiveness of the kicks and punches from boxing and karate and relax your body and mind with the Tai Chi and stretching. 


HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training. It means that you divide your workout into sections (intervals), and then alternate between training intensely and then resting for a while. Whether you want to lose weight, improve fitness or get stronger, HIIT training can help you achieve all of these goals.