Herbal Calming Skin 50'

Sensitive skin? Waer Waters to the rescue.

During this facial treatment, calming and intensive care for the skin take center stage. Opt for a Herbal Calming Skin treatment if your skin needs gentleness and recovery. A selection of the gentlest Babor products is ready for you.

What can you expect?

• Welcome touch
• Reiniging met Calming Booster
• Activatie met Rich Vitalizing Mask
• Smoothing peeling
• Verwijderen van onzuiverheden en soothing toning
• SOS calming ampule
• Calming massage
• Kalmerend masker
• Hoofdhuidmassage
• Goodbye touch met Moisturizing Eye Gel Cream & Calming Cream

50 minutes of complete self-care

Result? This treatment soothes and helps reduce excessive reactions, alleviating unpleasant irritations.


Is this facial treatment for me?

  • Are you looking for a treatment that soothes and balances your skin?
  • Do you experience sensitivity or redness and seek soothing solutions?
  • Would you like to enjoy a relaxing experience that is also effective for your skin?
  • Do you need a moment of self-care where your skin is pampered with high-quality calming ingredients?