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Are you still getting the most out of your Waer Waters treatment? Would you want to keep that comfortable feeling at home with BABOR's fantastic care products? Or are you simply looking to replenish your beauty supply?


Here you will discover amazing options to pamper yourself and your skin with the BABOR system's excellent care. Experiencing uniqueness, beauty, feeling the influence, and being detached from time... At BABOR, all desires come true: you'll find everything you need for your skin, your senses, and your overall well-being of the greatest quality. For all your needs, we have high-performance face and body care.

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Earning points and receiving discounts!

BABOR, Europe's leading professional cosmetics brand, believes that feeling beautiful and comfortable in our own skin makes us feel more confident and happy. This is also our viewpoint at Waer Waters. That is why, in collaboration with BABOR, we wish to provide you with a practical and visible EXTRA that includes the most effective, functional formulae, highly expert guidance, and customized treatment methods. Order your favorite personal care item from the webshop and earn points to get discounts.