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Dr. Babor's skincare Cleanformance

Pure skin and a healthy, natural glow. Is there anyone who doesn't want it? After the summer, our skin could use a boost. Don't you agree? 

Look no further & say hello to Dr. Babor's Clean Formance. Cleanformance is free of parabens, mineral oils, microplastics & silicones and represents an extremely high-performance line. This "clean" formula consists of over 98% ingredients of natural origin combined with an innovative pre- & probiotic complex. The skin barrier is strengthened and the balance of the skin's microbiome is maintained. 

Result? A healthy skin inside with a radiant glow outside #skingoals

Treatment content: cleansing - exfoliation - skin activation - serum - massage - closing care

  • Treatment time: 50 minutes
  • Price: 82€

In 8 steps to a healthy glow

Close your eyes and take in the benefits that nature has to offer:

  1. Preparation / Welcome Touch
  2. Cleansing of the skin with the Deep Cleansing Pads and Face Tonic
  3. Peeling with the Clay Multi-Cleanser and Deep Cleansing Pads
  4. Activate the skin with the Glow Starter Mask
  5. Nourish with the Moisture Glow Serum
  6. Massage with the Renewal Overnight Mask
  7. Farewell / Goodbye Touch
  8. Finally, apply Awakening Eye Cream and Moisture Glow Crea

You will spend 45 minutes in our beauticians' golden, or even better, green hands.


Why does your skin love Cleanformance, natural & clean skincare?

Did you know that BABOR strives to use only ingredients that promote skin health or support the integrity and effectiveness of their formulas? What skin doesn't wish for a treatment that is both natural and clean? 

Why does the planet love Cleanformance?

  • BABOR uses recycled paper from sustainable forestry with FSC label for their packaging and sales flyers/brochures.   

  • BABOR's primary packaging materials are made of glass or tubes of 30% recycled plastic, and all Cleanformance formulations are also microplastic-free. 

  • Furthermore, BABOR produces CO2 neutrally at their Aachen location.