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Step 3 - Rest

After exposing your body to hot and cold temperatures, it’s advisable to rest your body so your blood flow and heart rate can stabilise. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes in one of our many relaxation rooms, where all the daily pressures of life make way for a heavenly feeling of peace of mind and well-being.

Feel at peace

Surround yourself with an oasis of calm, where all the daily pressures of life make way for a heavenly feeling of peace of mind and well-being.

Experience joy

After the thermal shock your body experiences, endorphins are released, also known as ‘happy hormones’. This is when you start to feel the benefits of the thermal experience. Take this moment of relaxation to think about life.

Undressed zone
Treehouse | new |

You can now discover your new 'Treehouse' rest area in our Re-energize zone (nude zone). Treehouse will be your favorite place to enjoy pure coziness and to dream away by a crackling fire. The soothing lighting also gives you a heavenly relaxed feeling. It is the ideal place to warm up during colder days. You also enjoy a beautiful view of the Re-energize zone and the Brussels skyline.

Undressed zone
Greenhouse | new |

In our Re-energize zone you can literally sleep under the starry sky in the Greenhouses. In the middle of nature you fall asleep under the stars at the sound of the rustling vegetation around you. You enjoy a beautiful view of the Re-energize zone and the outside environment. 

Dressed zone
Winter garden

Read your favourite book, warm up next to the fireplace or crawl under a warm blanket.

Dressed Zone
Relaxation room with fireplace

Intimate and cosy. Warm yourself up next to the fireplace or read a book.

Unite / Zen
Dressed zone
Water beds

Relax and achieve total peace on the heated water beds. After 15 minutes, you’ll feel fully zen. Close your eyes, breathe in and out, express yourself, let it go, celebrate who you are and finally come home.

Unite / Zen
Dressed & Undressed Zone
Reading room

Stretch out in the cosy reading room and relax with your favourite book.

Zen / Re-energize
Dressed zone

Caldarium, also called ‘calidarium’, is Latin for ‘hot room’. This room has a humid and warm climate with a humidity of 100% and a temperature of around 45°C. No extreme heat, just pleasant relaxation. Since the body warms up slowly, this room is often used as preparation for the high temperature of the sauna. Even though the temperature in the caldarium cannot be compared to the intense heat of a sauna, it does create a lovely, relaxing sensation.

Dressed zone
Panorama view

Enjoy a panoramic view of the entire complex from the relaxation room next to the hot sauna.

Dressed & Undressed zone

Sunbathe or nod off on the sun beds on the lawns on top of the outdoor pavilions. Nowhere else can you so optimally enjoy the remarkable nature, the landscape gardens and the labyrinth of sunken lanes.

Unite / Zen / Re-energize

Step 1 - Hot

The first step in the thermal cycle is to expose your body to intense heat. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes in the sauna or hammam and allow the healing heat to blanket you. The increase in body temperature expands your blood vessels, lowers your blood pressure and increases blood flow to the skin and muscles. Experience a feeling of peace and go deep within yourself.

Hot facilities

Step 2 - Cold

After surrounding yourself with heat, cool yourself down for a few seconds. 10 to 15 seconds is sufficient to get your body to cool down. Submerging yourself in cold water alters your blood pressure, stimulates your body to eliminate toxins and helps the muscles to relax.

Cold installations

Enjoy to the fullest in a quiet zen atmosphere a relaxing and satisfying we-moment. Reconnect with your inner self and your loved ones in the dressed 'Unite' zone of our thermal baths.


Experience an oasis of blissful tranquillity and enjoy a me-moment in absolute silence in the dressed ‘Zen’ zone. The Zen zone is the ideal place to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, to fully regain yourself and to recharge your batteries.


Experience pure wellness in 'Re-energize'. Re-source completely and let your mind experience a unique experience in our naked zone. Experience a true relief and feel completely reborn.

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