Plan je bezoek Spa etiquette
A great sauna starts with you
  • No hashtags needed

    No electronic devices allowed. We do promise that you will find a better connection here anyway.

  • Clean lines

    We are a place of peace and space. Clean lines are central. Do not eat & drink in the changing rooms and only use transparent bags in the wellness. In this way we help to ensure your privacy.

  • Silence is golden

    The sauna, one of the few places where it is still quiet. Maintain the silence. Maintain the magic.

  • Hygienic experience

    Because everyone works together to improve hygiene, the water quality is maintained and we can always offer guaranteed water hygiene. We monitor all our baths 3 times a day.

A hygienic experience in 6 steps

Step 1: elastane swimwear

Swimwear in the material elastane retains less perspiration and waste. After taking a shower you can enjoy carefree enjoyment and the water and sauna quality remains optimal.

Especially for the men: go for a small, fitting swimsuit, in the material elastane

Step 2: Disinfect your feet

Feet are packed in warm, dark, damp shoes. Everything bacteria love. Therefore, regularly disinfect your feet and slippers on our foot nozzles.

Step 3: Start with a shower

Start your sauna visit with a shower and say goodbye to 7 million unwanted friends. Wash with soap if you want to use your wellness experience completely clean.

Step 4: Use a towel

Better to leave an impression than a print in the sauna. So keep your whole body on a (large) towel during your sauna visit.

Step 5: It is better not to use your bathrobe to dry yourself off

A bathrobe is for cozy and dry relaxation. They don't like extreme heat and sweat. So leave your bathrobe out of the sauna and do not use it to dry you off.

Step 6: Showering after the sauna

After your sauna visit, first rinse all your waste away, so that you don't take unwanted company into the baths. uses cookies to improve your user experience. More information

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